Professional, Efficient Notarial Services When You Need Them

If you’re looking for a Notary service, our qualified experts are here to help. With offices based in four locations around the county, we are easily accessible wherever you are. Granted the title of notary by the Archbishop of Canterbury, our specialists can help to certify and authorise documents to meet the requirements of authorities outside of the UK both for personal and corporate clients.

Alongside this, our Notary team can work to assist with ID checks and certifying documents for use within the UK, for example the swearing of oaths and affirmations, and completion of land registry forms relating to identity checks.

For more in depth information on the services we offer, please visit our Services for Individuals and Services for Businesses pages, or alternatively call us on 01474 335515 or complete our Contact Us form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Please note our offices are located in Gravesend, Maidstone, Tenterden and Chatham. Home or place of business visits can be arranged in exceptional circumstances.


For further information please call to speak to one of our experts on 01474 335515