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You may require the use of a notary public in order to certify or authorise a document that needs to be used outside the United Kingdom. In order for the country to be sure the document they are receiving is what it purports to be, that country’s authorities may require it to be notarised by a notary public.


A Notary is an officer of the law who holds a public office granted by and regulated through the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury. The duty and function of a Notary is therefore to prepare, attest, authenticate and certify deeds and other documents so that it can be used in another country.


Hatten Wyatt Notaries is based out of 5 offices across Kent in Gravesend, Maidstone, Chatham, Tenterden and Tonbridge and provide a full range of professional Notary services to both private and corporate clients, authenticating documents to be used world-wide. We are well placed to support you in all areas of notarial practice.