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What Notaries Do

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The job of a Notary is to act as an official independent witness for the signing of documents which are important enough to require this.

The job of the Notary is to apply rules and procedures so that their notarisation of a document is proof that appropriate procedures have been followed. They have no discretion in the exercise of their functions. They cannot 'take a view' or act on the 'balance of probabilities'. They do not represent any person or have a client whose interests they represent. They cannot have any personal interest in the outcome.

Typically a Notary will take sufficient steps to verify the identity of the person signing the document and that they are signing it of their own free will (not being pressured to do so). They also assure that the person signing the document understands its legal effect.

Where the document is one that has to be signed under oath, the Notary will administer the necessary oath.

The notarisation of the document is official confirmation that it has been signed by the person whose signature is affixed and that the necessary procedures have been followed.

The sorts of document for which a Notary may be needed may involve property deeds, many different sorts of foreign legal documents, powers of attorney and corporate documents.

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